Do we need to develop an All-Court Game…? Yes!!

The above rhetorical question is really a rallying cry to never sit still in your tennis game or rest on your laurels.

For example, suppose you have a successful track-record as a 3.5 to 4.5 base-liner, either a counter-puncher or aggressive base-liner. You’re someone who can routinely outlast (or out-blast) your opponent.

Now imagine you come up against a genuine all-court player – someone who can exploit the angles that coming forward brings; who reaps the rewards that versatile volleying and approach-shot making yield; someone who employs a perfectly disguised drop-shot; who is consistent with their overhead; & is capable of Serve-volleying: then you are going to have a real battle on your hands.

On the Pro-circuit, both Federer & Schiavone can grind & be aggressive from the base-line; however, both also have the tools in their box to change things around and dictate play with their All-Court game.
A Base-liner is like a Rock, an All-Courter is the Paper that smothers said Rock; therefore, it behooves us all to be as good an All-Court Player as we can possibly be.

Take the All-Court Quiz below and see if you’re ready to make the change. A score of 9-10 suggests you’re ready!

1. Which stance works best for a heavy cross-court ball from the base-line? A. Semi-open B. Closed C. Square

2. Which stance works best for a mid-court approach shot? A. Semi-open B. Closed C. Square

3. You’re playing a very heavy-hitting base-liner with a Western grip. How do you make your approach shots?
A.Deep with top-spin B. Short with back-spin

4. Which of the following works best?
A. You drop-shot from the base-line B. You drop-shot from mid-court in a straight line C. You drop-shot from mid-court, cross-court.

5. Which grip works best for your preparation for a disguised forehand drop-shot? a. Continental b. your normal ground-stroke grip.

6. Where do you generally aim your Serve in a Serve-Volley? A. Out-wide B. Down the T

6. Which part of the racket do you hit the ball for touch shots A. Towards the tip of the racket B. Towards the throat

7. Which contact is preferred for an overhead? A. Slice B. Top-spin C. Flat

8. Against a Western Grip baseliner, which return of serve can you employ to bring them out of their comfort zone?
a. deep in the corner, flat b. short slice inside the service-line c. deep in the corner, with top-spin

9. If a Volley ball is slow & shoulder-height, which grip and swing path is recommended for your volley?
A. Continental, punch B. Ground-stroke grip, full swing.

10. Against 2nd. Serves, do you A. Stay back & neutralize the Kick with a deep cross-court return B.Step into the shot, slice short and approach?

1. a. 2. c 3. b. 4. b. 5. b. 6. b. 7. a. 8. b. 9. b. 10. B

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