“Hard Cheese” & Tennis Match in Big Shorts

I was just thinking last week how I would like to compile a list of Tennis Matches from Film and TV over the years. I have absolutely no idea how many I will include but here goes!. Without doubt, the Tennis Match from the original “School for Scoundrels” match is one of my favorite celluloid scenes about the phenomenon of obnoxious gamesmanship in tennis. Many years later my wife and I lived in the same apartment block as Ian Carmichael in London. He kept a pied a terre for when he was down from the North doing plays in the London West End. We were at Number 2 and he at Number 7. I could barely stop myself from calling out “Hard Cheese” as we passed on the stairs

Just in case the above clip was not enough here is another classic from British Comedians Eric and Ernie, one of many many silly routines that kept us and our parents amused during the late 60’s and 70’s. Eric and Ernie pretty much turned their hand to anything and were dearly loved by all.
Ah! the good old days. It makes you want to grab your old Slazenger out of its press and lace up your Dunlop Green Flash.

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