Basic Tennis Teaching Philosophy

I use a “combination approach” to learning. This includes stroke analysis, video review, and rhythm.

Firstly, each & every stroke is broken down in terms of grip, stance, and path of the racket. Grips are based on the Advanced Foundation System – right from the start, grips will be based on the grips used in the Pro game: a solid low-Eastern grip or Semi-Western grip for forehands. Continental grip for volley, slice & serve. On the backhand side, the student will make a decision on whether a one-handed or two-handed approach is best for them.

I supplement stroke analysis with both on-court Video and post-lesson Video instruction. During each lesson, film is taken of both the student & the coach & then reviewed at leisure for comparison & improvement.

Finally, Rhythm, in my experience, seems the best non-verbal path-way to faster & more enduring learning. Counting seems especially appropriate for children & beginners since it doesn’t involve complex linguistic explanation; it’s appropriate, however, for all levels of players.

I also encourage tactical decision-making by the student from the beginning. Strategic Targets are always a part of any drill since everything on a tennis court should be purposeful & strategic. In addition, each drill has a measurement component so that improvement can be measured lesson by lesson by the student.

At all stages, mutual exploration is emphasized more than explanation.